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Update from Qin Wang: April 2010

Below is a letter we recently received from Qin Wang. Please message her back to show your continued support!


Uncles & Aunties:

Hello! I received your help on a cold day and I felt so warm and moved. Please receive my thanks expressed in my clumsy words. I hope you have happy lives because you are so nice and kind. Kind-hearted people always have healthy and peaceful lives.

Time flies. The first semester of my busy junior year has already passed. When the spring comes, we will start school again. We’re now studying in Ningqiang Tianjin High School which has been built by Tianjin Province. The classrooms are large and bright here. The campus is clean and comfortable. We really thank those kind people who gave help to the Ningqiang disaster district. We were so excited when Chairman Hu Jintao visited our school. I still remember his face and smile till now. The help and support he gave us was so moving. On May 31st, 2009, Chairman Hu visited our broken village and said that everyone should help when a village needs help. One year later, our village had a brand-new look when he came again. His visit shows the party's concern and everyone’s love. More and more new buildings are being built on this ancient ground, creating generations of grateful villagers. We really want to say “Thank you”.

We once said, “Smiles will never disappear because of confidence.”

We once said, “Warmth will never cool down because of you.”

We believe that flowers will always blossom because the spring will come.

We believe that future is not dream because there’s a road in front of us.

Uncles and aunties, thank you for your support and care. I’ll continue to do my best.

Wish you all a healthy and satisfied life!

Grade 11, Class 9, Ningqiang Tianjin High School
Qin Wang

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