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Translation of Shangui's Letter

Apologies for the delay! Below is a translation of Shangui's latest letter. Please message him to show your continued support!

Also, as you can see from this letter, Shangui seems a bit confused about the role of Givology in funding his education. We will be sure to explain to him that Givology is an organization made up of many individual donors located around the world.


The Givology Translation Team


Dear friends from Givology,

How are you?

I’m very excited to have received your letter, and very grateful for your support.

Givology, I would like to tell you something. Now I’m doing better at school overall, except for chemistry I suppose. I’m also reading books outside from school (For example, <Qing Nian Bo Wen>). As for daily life, I try to spend as little as possible that I don't usually go home except for during holidays that last longer than 4 days.

Also, I wish I could write an email, but I’m sorry I don't know how and I also don’t seem to have enough time to learn it from my classmates, so I hope you can forgive me! I also have a question for you, since you have sent me a letter, I was wondering who or what exactly Givology is. Is it a person? I’m really sorry, but I really don’t know what it means. Sometimes I wonder if it’s an “uncle” or an “auntie”, or a corporation? writing to me!

Wishing you good work and health!
Shangui Yan

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