Maria Paula's Blog

First letter of 2015!

Attached is a letter from Maria! If you are interested in responding, please do so! Our students love to correspond with their supporters. Givology can help with translations to facilitate this communication.
"Dear Sponsors:
At this moment, I am finishing the school year, and it has been a good one. About a month ago, I started taking piano lessons, which is one of my favorite instruments. As well, I have been able to play at church with our worship ministry.
I have not been able to go to my Karate classes because I sprang my ankle, but next year I will start training again. I am also thinking of start Tae Kwan Do classes. I love all martial arts, not only karate.
A few days ago, I went to Socota, a little town in Colombia, which is known as the “Independence Route” because Simon Bolivar passed through this town. I really like it! I love to meet new people. I even made new friends. We have many things in common; one of them is that we like to go to school.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
God bless you!
Maria Paula"
Translated by Givology volunteer, Frida Herrera.

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