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Celebrating #givingtuesday

[b]Thanksgiving[/b]. The time of the year of reflecting back about the people who have changed our lives and the many things we are thankful for. A time of family, friends, plentiful turkey and food, and holiday cheer to go around. A time to be [i]empowered[/i] to do something to help those around us.
Here at Givology, we have so much to be thankful for. From our incredible volunteer network to our grassroots partners around the world, we have hundreds of dedicated people working to enable the dreams of students globally. With our vision of leveraging small dollars and volunteer hours for education, we hope that you take the opportunity this holiday season to not only contribute to your community in a one-off manner, but to make a new resolution to incorporate giving and volunteering as a part of your daily life.
We’re very proud to participate in the [b]#[url=]givingtuesday[/url][/b][url=] [/url]celebration this year. We urge you to get involved with us whether it would be:

1) Participate in our [b][url=]12/12/12 campaign[/url][/b]: click here to read more and contribute to our [url=]crowdrise[/url]! For the month of November, we're giving away matching donations in celebration of the season!
2) Register for an account on Givology
3) Follow us on [url=]Facebook [/url]and [url=]Twitter[/url]
4) [url=]Join our team [/url]as a volunteer

As part of the Giving Tuesday celebration, [b]we’re giving away Givology gift certificates[/b]! Simply follow the easy steps on [url=]RaffleCopter and enter to win $50 and $25 prizes to contribute to grassroots education causes[/url].


[b]Links to articles featuring our participation in #givingtuesday[/b]:

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