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Thank you for your support!

Dear Givologists,

Thank you so much for attending Givology’s New York City Launch event at Marquee this past Saturday! On behalf of the Givology team, I am very delighted to inform you that we have raised $12,300 to support students and education projects throughout the world. To put everything in perspective, $12,300 is enough to cover 48 student scholarships, build 16 libraries and purchase 4,300 books in rural China, or create after-school programs for 20 schools in India.

Making a difference is as easy as registering on our site, donating a few dollars, and sending a message to a student across the world. To register on Givology, please click here. We highly encourage you to register to receive our updates and newsletter – to inspire and be inspired.

In line with our philosophy, we invite you to join our NYC Giving Team (click "Join Team") and help us decide which projects and students to fund with the money that we raised. To voice your opinion on the projects and students you think we should fund, simply click “add a blog post” on the NYC Giving Team page.

Posting Instructions (Please Read Before Making a Post): Help us select students and projects to fund!
1) The name of the project and student that you want to support (please pick only one project and one student)
2) A brief explanation on what draws you to that particular student and project
3) A one sentence answer to "I give because..."

Many great photos were taken at the event. Check back on our site for a detailed launch recap over the next few days. In the mean time, you can find photos at Scenebseen and Charity Charity Happenings, as well as at Givology's online photo album.

Many of you mentioned that you would like to be involved. We’d love for you to drop us a line. As a 100% volunteer-run organization, your involvement and contribution propels us forward.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting our mission to make access to quality education a reality for talented but underprivileged students around the world.

With Warm Regards,
The Givology Team

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