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Q&A with Nick Kramer, Co-Founder of False Reality

[b]We're very excited to announce our collaboration with [url=]False Reality[/url]! [/b][b]For each product sold, they will donate 5% to Givology, [/b]We love the concept of consumerism with a cause and their dedication to sourcing exotic materials from around the world. Thus far, Nick has helped us fully fund the [url=]Raspberry Pi project[/url] to bring computers and technology into Tori Agouako in Benin!


[b]Tell us a bit about yourself Nick![/b]
Im Nick Kramer, and I am the Creative Director & Co-Founder of False Reality.
[b]Were really excited about False Reality  how did the company get started?[/b]
[url=]False Reality[/url] was created because we felt that you should always know what youre wearing and how it was made. After looking for high quality accessories that are responsibly made and not being satisfied with what was out there already, we decided to create them for ourselves.
[b]What inspired your products?[/b]
Weve always been fascinated with products and items that have an interesting origin story beyond just the way they look. Anything you own that you can explain what its made of, who made it, and how it was made, is so much more interesting than just saying I bought this. We could not think of a better way to showcase this ideology than through a product selection that is tied to the most diverse cultures from all corners of the world.
[b]What criteria do you look for when you buy materials from around the world? Any interesting stories to share?[/b]
We always try to find materials that are timeless and could be worn for years to come  durability, aesthetics, and origin story are three main points we check before committing to creating a product from a material.
[b]Whats your vision for the company?[/b]
Eventually, we would want to be able to expand to a full product line of accessories and goods made from different fabrics, minerals, and metals sourced from all over the world.
All of our products are hand assembled in Philadelphia so we are also working hard to add another philanthropic point within False Reality to help disabled individuals in the Philadelphia area. Once this is in place, I would say that we are effectively doing our part to have a positive impact on both local and worldwide communities.
[b]Buy a story, change a reality sounds really intriguing. Please share with us your philosophy of philanthropy. Why are you inspired to give on a personal and corporate level?[/b]
Philanthropic efforts should be sustainable and instead of funneling resources to try and fix a problem from the outside, I believe that it is important to understand any problem at the most fundamental level and then attempt to fix them from the inside out. We feel that it is only right since we are telling the stories of these materials and the fantastic cultures they come from that we do our best to try to preserve them as well.
[b]What draws you to Givology and education as a cause?[/b]
Since Givology is hyper localized and works with heroes within the communities they help, these individuals actually know how their community runs so that they can have an extremely high positive impact in a shorter amount of time. This was extremely appealing to us and made us want to partner with Givology once we learned of this.
Beyond learning basic skills to be a productive member of society, a quality education allows for people to be able to think critically and ask questions about everyday things in their lives so that they are not taken advantage of. Education can lead to the preservation of cultures, encourage personal and communal growth, and establish a stable and viable economic way of life for individuals and those around them. Unfortunately, many people, children especially, do not have the opportunity to obtain a quality education and we want to do our part to help individuals get the education that they deserve.
[b]Whats your favorite item in your collection?[/b]
My favorite accessory would have to be the Lava Stone Bracelet from Iceland. These beads are extremely eye-catching and the texture is really unique  it is always a great conversation piece! [url=]You can take a look at the bracelet here[/url].

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