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Marquee Fundraiser a Huge Success!

Thank you so much for attending Givology’s New York City Launch event at Marquee this past Saturday! On behalf of the Givology team, I am very delighted to inform you that we have raised $12,300 to support students and education projects throughout the world. To put everything in perspective, $12,300 is enough to cover 48 student scholarships, build 16 libraries and purchase 4,300 books in rural China, or create after-school programs for 20 schools in India.

In line with our philosophy, we invite you to join our NYC Giving Team and help us decide which projects and students to fund with the money that we raised. To voice your opinion on the projects and students you think we should fund, simply click “add a blog post” on the NYC Giving Team page and follow instructions on what to post.

Click to check out photos from the event, courtesy of Ben Franke and Gabe Waxman.

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