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Focus on Giving: Rob Herzog, Founder of Zog Sports

Day 7: Rob Herzog, Founder and CEO of Zog Sports

Robert "Zog" Herzog is the man behind the curtain. He founded ZogSports after having a close call on 9/11. After arriving late for work, he witnessed his office, which was located on the 96th floor of World Trade Center Tower #1, being directly hit by the first plane. Rob decided to build on the tremendous human charity he witnessed following 9/11 and to help foster community in New York by creating ZogSports, which encourages New Yorkers to maintain perspective and a more balanced lifestyle by having fun while also giving something back to the community. Robert holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Economics from Brown University.

When he's not priming ZogSports to take over the world, Rob enjoys hanging with his wife Laurin and their two little Zogs, Spencer and Jackson. In fact, Rob says his lifetime sports highlight was meeting Laurin even while getting mercy-ruled in a citywide softball tournament (she played 2nd base and he was at short) then shooting an 84 on a very tough golf course and finally coincidentally seeing Laurin again at a party that night. Rob dropped the line: "Oooh, you clean up nice!" on her and the rest is history. In his spare time from organizing this massive operation, Rob can be found making cameos at the fields and gyms, getting down at ZogSports parties, and boogying to 80s tunes in his office.

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