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Give Inspiration: Diana Kimball, Technologist

[b]Video Transcript:[/b]
When I first got involved with coding, the idea that first captured me was the idea of building something out of thin air, but then I talked with the technologists around me and realized that it’s not out of thin air at all. You’re building out of building blocks that other people have created and that have come before you, and that’s actually better.
What I love about coding and why I’m such a big advocate of learning any amount of it, it’s just another creative forum like painting or writing. It’s just a way of expressing yourself, and just with a few lines of processing code you can create these unbelievable artworks, you know. You can create things that you could have never imagined and playing with just a few lines of code in that way, I think, expands your mind and expands your sense of possibility.
I’m inspired by people in systems who make time and space for playful creativity and who build in space to make mistakes and try things you’ve never tried before. My biggest inspiration right now is the community. It’s sort of like girl scouts or boy scouts, but if scouting was reinvented for a technological age. They earn skills like BeeKeeper and SysAdmin, and they post their projects online, and they’re so playful in how they learn things. A big theme in my life is expanding people’s sense of what’s possible, and any time I see a service or person or a piece of art that expands my sense of what’s possible, I feel an overwhelming urge to share that widely.

[b]About Diana: [/b]Diana is a passionate technologist who combines here interest in technology, history, and business to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities around the world. She is the founder of ROFLCon, the first internet culture conference dedicated to discussing memes, and the 24-hour Bookclub, a reading flashmob site. vAfter graduating from Harvard Business School in 2013, Diana boarded a flight to Berlin to join the Community team at SoundCloud. Read more about Diana here at [url=][/url]

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