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#GivologyGrads: Happy Kids Center

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Occasionally, on Givology’s weekly group call, we have a partner jump on for an update from the ground. In early May, Ellen Carney woke up a bit earlier than usual (5:45am in Nepal) to phone in and share some stories about her day-to-day. For many of us, myself included, this was our introduction to [color=#669900]Happy Kids Center (HKC).[/color]

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HKC is an incredible example of the opportunity we have to add choices to the lives of those in seemingly more difficult situations than us. They give young people in Bhaktapur an incentive, should they choose it, to receive income for attending school or other achievements we associate with education and opportunity. The choice is not quite so simple though. Many of these pupils are relied on by their family not just income but for output. For Ellen and her team, these conversations with the family and making sure HKC is doing the right thing is always front of mind.
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Our call with Ellen also illuminated part of the essence of Givology: the massive impact-to-donation ratio that is possible when working with local, vetted, grass roots organizations. For example, to pay for a child’s uniform is $15. Lunch for the month, one month of school lunches, is $5. And just $42 a month can sponsor a scholarship program that includes incentives. Powerful stuff.

There are amazing things happening at [url=]Happy Kids Center[/url], and I urge you to check it out, learn more, and get involved.
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[font=Arial] As part of our #GivologyGrads campaign we want to highlight Chandan, a student at Happy Kids Center. The PDF below was prepared by HKC and is really informative. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to get educated and graduate. [/font][font=Arial]One way to show appreciation: help give others the same opportunity.[/font]
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Want to play a part in supporting Chandan and other graduates of Happy Kids Center in this milestone?
[color=#669900]-Donate[/color] via paypal ( and include a note to the student you want to fund. They will be transcribed and shared with students at the end of the campaign! They love receiving words of encouragement!
[color=#669900]-[/color][color=#669900]Share[/color] this opportunity/campaign with friends, family, and fellow grads using #GivologyGrads
[color=#669900]-[/color][color=#669900]Want to learn more[/color]?Check out the Givology Instagram!

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