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Ten Facts About Global Education

Interested in expanding your global education knowledge? Check out the following ten fast facts about education; we’re sure you’ll learn something new!

2. It would take $39 billion (USD) every year to send all adolescents to school.
3. If all women had a primary education, there would be 1.7 million fewer malnourished children.


[color=#333333]5. [/color]In one of three countries, less than three quarters of teachers are trained to national standards, resulting in 130 million children enrolled in school who are not even learning the basics.
6. [font="Times New Roman"]China has more students per class than [/font][url=]most other countries[/url][font="Times New Roman"]. The average for lower secondary education is above 50 students per classroom in China. It’s around 23 in the United States and below 20 in Switzerland and Russia.[/font]
[color=#222222]7. [/color]Children in Holland start school when they turn 4 years old, so there is always someone new in class.
8. In Bangladesh, there are at least 100 “boat schools” on water, with running electricity, classrooms, and even a library. They are usually solar-powered.

10. 30 years ago, America was the leader in quantity and quality of high school diplomas. Today, the nation is ranked 36th in the world.
[color=#444444]That concludes our ten facts. Have any other interesting or unique tidbits that you would like to add? Comment below. [/color]

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