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Interview with Shanghai Chapter

Givology has 29 chapters around the world that help us raise funding and awareness for our education projects and scholarships through local events. Our chapters are often started by our volunteers and interns at the high school, college or regional level to give members opportunities to educate, inspire and motivate others to improve access to quality education in their community.

At our Shanghai Chapter, our volunteers are supporting their school lunch program through fundraising events and raising awareness of the importance of food quality.

Learn more about our Shanghai Chapter and how you can get involved through this Q&A!

[b]Q: Tell us about yourselves and your school. [/b]
[/b]We are students from YK Pao Secondary school, a bilingual school located in Song Jiang, Shanghai. Students in our chapter are from different grades: freshman, sophomore and junior. All of the students conglomerated in Givology Shanghai chapter is because we are interested in challenges in education as well as planning events for good. Our chapter is supporting the school lunch program(visit here to check out: by planning whole-school fundraising events and raising awareness of the importance of increasing food quality.

[b]Q: What is the education system like in Shanghai? [/b]
[/b]There are several education systems in Shanghai, including international, bilingual, and public schools. As students from YK Pao, we are immersed in a bilingual education system. Our school provides education from year 1 to year 12. Students learn IGCSEs during their freshman and sophomore year and study IB for their junior and senior year. Our school offers various subject choices that allow us to explore our world which relates to our school’s missions: developing the whole person, passing on traditions of Chinese culture and fostering an international perspective.
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[b]Q: What motivated you to start a Givology chapter?[/b]
[/b]I am personally interested in educational challenges (especially food qualities in school) in nowadays society. However, when I am seeking out opportunities with my friends, we don’t know how to commence. Givology provides a great opportunity for me and many people in my school community who are interested in educational challenges

[b]Q: What are some goals of your chapter for this school year? [/b]
[/b]We are planning fundraising events such as our first “Trick or treat express” that will be held on Halloween week in our school. We are also blogging on our Instagram account about different event’s follow-ups and about our school lunch program we are fundraising for (our ins account: givology_ykpao). Later, we are planning to collaborate with our school to design a bracelet of the school and Givology elements, all profit will go to the school lunch program (visit here to check out:

[b]Q: What inspires you all to volunteer? [/b]
[/b]We love charity, the idea of starting a Givology chapter and truly support our community are attractive to all of our members. Even though we might not have the full capability to do much as high school students but we sincerely hope that our aspiration and actions in our school community would make some difference in the world!

[b]Q: Do you have an education story to share? (IE: a favorite teacher, defining moment, etc) [/b]
[/b]I have been participating in YK Pao school’s junior counselling program (students helping teachers in summer camp as assistants) for four years. It is very interesting when I am taking care of class as a “teacher” because I have never experienced seeing things in the perspective of a teacher. I constantly participate this program is because it truly helps me to develop my responsibility when I am taking care over 20 students at the same time and practise important communication skills when I am collaborating with my partner and my teacher.

[b]Q: Any message you want to leave to the Givology community?[/b]

We are very excited to join the Givology community and share our stories in Shanghai! Looking forward to meet with other Givology chapter members.

[i]Starting a Givology Chapter is a great way to get involved with your community and connect with others. You can learn more about our chapters and how you can start one of your own here:[/i]

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