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#GivologyGrads: Emmaus Road Foundation

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The Emmaus Road Foundation is this week’s feature in our #GivologyGrads Campaign. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to formal or non-formal education to the poor in Colombia.
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The organization has many goals that it seeks to fulfill but three are most prominent-- to foster the physical, spiritual, emotional and social growth of the Colombian people as a driving force for social development, to contribute to the formation of grass-roots leaders who are committed to the well-being of their own communities and to model processes of gradual self-sustainability.
The long time partnership between The Emmaus Road Foundation and Givology has yielded many positive results: we have provided tens to hundreds of students with scholarships over the past five years.
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[font=tahoma, sans-serif][i]Letters from students currently sponsored by Givology[/i][/font]

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Keep reading to learn more about the students under the support of the Emmaus Road Foundation!
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Anyuri lives with her mother Nelly in a small house where they pay rent. Her father does not live with them and does not support the family expenses. Anyuri’s mother lost her right hand 20 years ago while she was working and since then it has been very difficult for her to find a formal job, so she rents a small store where she sells liquor at night. In addition, Anyuri’s mother helps to pay for medical expenses of Anyuri’s grandfather.
The income Nelly receives is not enough to pay for food, medical, housing and school expenses, so she has requested support so that her daughter can complete her studies. Anyuri enjoys going to the park and sharing time and food with her mother. She enjoys art and ethics class at school and would like to pursue a degree in Forensic Science.
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[color=#0099ff]Dana[/color] lives with her mother and her 5 years old nephew. She doesn't know her father and does not receive any kind of support for her school expenses and living expenses. Dana’s mother works in an enterprise that makes pencils. The money she earns is not enough to pay for Dana ?s education because she is also paying a loan to the bank for the house they live in. Other expenses Dana’s mother pays are food, health, transportation and Dana’s nephew’s school expenses. Dana’s mother has arthritis in her legs and the medical treatment and physical therapies are expensive. Dana enjoys spending time with her nephew and going out with friends to watch movies and eat ice cream. Dana enjoys Spanish, music and art classes the most. She would like to become a teacher for children.
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[color=#0099ff]Juan[/color] lives with his father and his younger brother in a small apartment. His father works as a messenger, earning $375 (USD) monthly. Juan’s grandmother takes care of him and his brother while the father works. His mother and father got divorced several years ago and the mother does not live with them. Out of the monthly income, Juan’s father has to pay for utilities, rent, food, transportation and health, which makes it very difficult for Juan to have what is required to attend school. Juan enjoys physical education and math classes and would like to become a professional soccer player.
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[color=#0099ff]Juliana[/color] lives with her father and her younger sister in a room of a relatives’ home. The mother does not live with them. Juliana’s father is unemployed due to two surgeries he had two years ago. Because of his unemployment, Juliana, her sister and father are living in a relatives’ house and cannot afford school supplies and uniforms. Currently, Juliana ?s relatives are helping her father to pay for food, health and school expenses. Juliana enjoys drawing, dance and literature classes and would like to graduate from college and become a professional to be able to work and help her family.
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Want to learn more about how you can support students like Anyuri, Dana, Juan, or Juliana?

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