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[b]The Pandemic’s Danger to the World’s Children[/b]
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Many of the young children living in the world today live in developing countries in the global south, where Covid-19 is spreading the fastest.
Advocates for children are asking global health officials to make sure that if and when a vaccine against Covid-19 is introduced that it will be available at little or no cost in developing countries.
Because of the pandemic, childrens’ education is being greatly affected. Based on data from the World Bank, Unesco and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa noted that even before the pandemic, Africa had the world’s highest rate of exclusion from education. Now, it has gotten worse.
Some educators believe many students at all levels of education may never go back, since the closure of learning institutions in many African countries heavily affected the education sector.
Learning online or through other communication technologies, such as television, radio and mobile phones, are being tried in some places, but there are still challenges as many poor children don’t have access to these devices. It may have a serious effect on their academic career

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