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[b]New Hub Aims to Help Schools Find the Right Ed-Tech Products During COVID-19[/b]
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Developers of an educational research and innovation hub are releasing a tool that should help school districts and other policymakers make ed-tech purchasing decisions because of schools addressing the impact of Covid-19 on education.
The EdTech Hub introduced a new database this month to help education leaders find platforms and software that could help improve teaching and learning during COVID-19, while also partnering with UNESCO. The database could help education companies gain global exposure as K-12 systems around the world learn how to handle schooling remotely or a mix of in-person/virtual in the upcoming school year.
The hub’s director of engagement says that there’s a great opportunity to use the database to facilitate learning within developing countries and among lower-income populations in developed countries and that it’s beneficial for students, teachers, parents, school systems, and government officials.
Some of the main goals of the hub are to find ways for students to learn on days they aren’t in school, what technologies schools should implement, and how governments in developing countries can blend radio- and TV-based education with digital learning approaches.

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